Top 10 facts about Jyubei Aryu


 Jyubei Aryu is a prominent figure in the world of martial arts, with a career that spans decades and includes numerous accomplishments. Here are ten facts about this remarkable individual:


1. Jyubei Aryu was born in Japan in 1950, and began studying martial arts at a young age.

2. He first honed his skills in judo, karate, and kendo, before discovering the art of aikido and devoting himself to its practice.

3. In the 1970s, he established his own school of aikido, the Aryu Kai, which has since grown to include students from around the world.

4. Jyubei Aryu has written several books on aikido, including “Aikido: The Way of Harmony” and “The Essence of Aikido”.

5. He is considered a leading expert in the art, and has been recognized with numerous awards and honors throughout his career.

6. In addition to his work in aikido, Jyubei Aryu has also studied traditional Japanese calligraphy, which he incorporates into his teaching and practice of martial arts.

7. He has traveled extensively to share his knowledge and skills, and has taught seminars in countries including the United States, Brazil, and Russia.

8. Jyubei Aryu is known for his deep understanding of aikido philosophy, which emphasizes harmony and cooperation over conflict and aggression.

9. He is also respected for his physical prowess, which allows him to execute aikido techniques with precision and power.

10. Above all, Jyubei Aryu is admired for his dedication to the art of aikido, and his ongoing efforts to promote its principles and values around the world.

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