Top 10 Facts about Black Lagoon

Lagoon Company

Black Lagoon is a Japanese manga and anime series created by Rei Hiroe. It follows the story of Rokurou “Rock” Okajima, a meek businessman who has been kidnapped and taken to Roanapur, Thailand. There he joins the Lagoon Company, a group of mercenaries that smuggle goods in and out of the city on board their World War II-era boat, the Black Lagoon. Despite its crude criminal undertones, Black Lagoon offers an interesting look at what it means to live outside society’s norms. Here are 10 facts about this thrilling manga and anime series:

Lagoon Company

1. The production team behind Black Lagoon consists of two main members – director Sunao Katabuchi and character designer Toshifumi Akai.

2. The manga series has spanned more than twenty volumes since its debut in 2002.

3. Black Lagoon was adapted into two twelve-episode anime series by Madhouse, airing in 2006 and 2009 respectively.

4. In the manga and anime series, the main characters Rock, Benny and Revy are often referred to as “The Three Musketeers” due to their close relationships with each other.

5. Roanapur is a fictional city located in Thailand that serves as the setting of Black Lagoon, with shootings taking place on the streets between criminal groups and police force alike every day without end.

6. Two additional video games based on Black Lagoon were released in the mid 2000s for PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii.

7. The Lagoon Company’s primary form of transport is a PT boat, which was used by the US Navy during World War II.

8. The manga series has won numerous awards from several Japanese magazines, including Shonen Sunday Super‘s 2004 Grand Prize Award for Manga.

9. In the anime series, Roanapur’s local currency is referred to as “Dollars” instead of Thai Baht.

10. Black Lagoon has been praised for its detailed artwork and unique characters, with particular praise being given to Revy, the female protagonist of the series.

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